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Guideline requirement for a comparison of PRC legislation and food standards related to hygiene and food safety in the production of pork, beef and poultry meat and offal versus pertinent EU legislation


The present document compares EU legislation applicable to the production of fresh meat and poultry with the respective legal requirements of the People’s Republic of China, as published in the relevant Food Safety Standards and the Compliance Checklist for Registration of Overseas Establishments of meat to be Exported to P.R. China that was made available to the EU Commission by the General Customs Administration of China.

For the purpose of this study, 21 Chinese National Standards dealing with food hygiene, animal slaughter, meat processing, drinking water, residues and contaminants were evaluated. The provisions were compared with the EU requirements that are applicable and legally binding for all operators and authorities in the EU. The evaluation was occasionally complicated by the fact that overlapping provisions exist in the many Chinese standards, which are not always consistent.

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