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Guideline on requirements for importation of meat and meat product into Indonesia 


Animal protein consumption has been an important part daily live and culture for the citizen of Indonesia. It is also part very strongly staples dishes such as rendang, bakso, chicken and goat satay. Animal protein consumption in Indonesia has shown a stable improvement over past few years, the increase  of  average  income  per  GDP  play  an  important  role  on  the  growing consumption and business around animal protein consumption.

This guideline provides information for the EU countries, EU companies in the meat and meat product industry to export products to Indonesia. The document also provides information for Indonesian companies to import meat and meat product from the EU countries. This guideline covers the information about the meat production and consumption in Indonesia, the needs for imported meat product  in  Indonesia,  the  commodity  balance  that  decide  the  importation,  and regulation for meat and meat product importation to Indonesia including the steps needs to be taken by the country of origin as well as the importing country.

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